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A City of Seven Hills-Franklin Hill

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Franklin Hill is located between Diamond Hill and White Rock Hill.  Bound by the Rt 29 Expressway, the James River, Florida Avenue and Fishing Creek this hill encompasses very rough terrain.  Lots on Franklin Hill were sold starting in 1820.  Lots weren’t developed until the early 1900’s due to the terrain and the difficulty building on such steep hillsides and ravines.  Many of the streets that run through this hill were named after trees, Pine, Walnut, Maple, Hazel, Poplar and Gum.  Few, if any, of the original houses built on Franklin Hill exist today.

The most well-known landmark of Franklin Hill is Presbyterian Cemetery, founded in 1824.  Filled with intricate and artistic tombstones and grave markers some of Lynchburg’s most famous residents are buried here.  See Blog Post dated April 17, 2018.