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A City of Seven Hills-Garland Hill

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Today’s Garland Hill was originally from the farm of William Lynch, Sr., son of John Lynch who founded Lynchburg.  Blackwater Creek forms the boundary for much of the neighborhood, anlong with 5th Street and Old City Cemetery.  The oldest house, still in it’s original location in the city, is at 619 1st Street.  It was built by the Lynch family in 1787.

Lots were originally sold in 1845.  A number of substantial homes were built between 1845 and 1860.  By the mid-19th century so many members of the Garland family were living in the neighborhood that the hill became known as Garland Hill.

More elaborate homes were built along Madison and Harrison Streets after 1865.  At the corner of 5th and Madison Streets once stood the Beggers School.  It served as an elementary school starting in 1881 until 1966.