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Bridge to Bed and Breakfast nears completion

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Scheduled to open by 1 March 2011, the new D Street will lead guests going to the Carriage House Inn Bed and Breakfast in Lynchburg, Virginia right to the corner of our property.   The old D Street Bridge was closed in March 2008 and demolition started December 2009.  Not necessarily a good way to celebrate its 100 birthday (construction of the old bridge took place in 1908-09).

After the closure in 2008, city officials met with citizens of Daniels Hill and solicited input as to what the new bridge would look like.  The consensus of the community was to try to keep the look and feel of the old bridge and unlike many municipalities across the country, the neighborhood input was incorporated into the new design.

The Carriage House Inn Bed and Breakfast, also known as the Watts House (named after the original owners, R. T. and Emma Watts) has seen three bridges span the ravine where the new D Street Bridge is being built.  The first bridge built was a six foot wide bridge with wooden supports and was completed in 1891.  Just 18 years later it was replaced with the cement D Street Bridge completed (1909) and just over 100 years later the new D Street Bridge nears completion.

Innkeepers, Kathy and Mike Bedsworth are planning a bridge opening party later this spring to kick off the new bridge and to show off the many improvements that have been made to their property over the past couple years.  Below are some photos of the D Street Bridges (all three of them).  The first two photos were taken from The Muse News (The newsletter of the Lynchburg Museum System).  Once open, the D Street Bridge will allow guests to visit Point of Honor, one of our  favorite places to visit and it is part of the Lynchburg Museum System.  Point of Honor was the home of Dr. Cabell, Patrick Henry’s personal physician and is a must see for anyone that hasn’t been there.

The "First" D Street Bridge

Rivermont Bridge in foreground, D Street Bridge on Right--Lynchburg Museum

D Street Bridge on Right--Rivermont Bridge in foreground circa 1915

D Street Bridge before demolition

Demolition equipment moves into place

Demolition starts

and continues...

Birth of the new D Street Bridge

Second pier now up

Steel decking installed

Looking towards Rivermont

side aprons being installed

2-3 weeks from completion--Railings almost completed

Almost done!