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Ice Cream

MayLynn’s Creamery

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MayLynn’s Creamery’s original location is still a big hit in Lynchburg.

MayLynn’s Creamery opened in the Boonsboro Shopping Center in June 2013.  Since then it has become a favorite spot for ice cream in the Lynchburg area.  Working out of a food truck they are able to offer a rich, creamy, soft-serve ice cream that has an old fashioned feel.  There is plenty of seating to enjoy your ice cream treat, socialize with your friends and enjoy the warm summer nights.

Interior of MayLynn's downtown Creamery

Interior of MayLynn’s downtown Creamery

Now the owners, Josh and Becky Kirk, are proud to announce the opening of a storefront in downtown Lynchburg, VA.  Located at 1016 Jefferson Street, they are excited to be a part of the downtown revitalization.

Like their location in Boonsboro the downtown store will offer soft serve ice cream, locally sourced smoothies, edible cookie dough ice cream and rolled ice cream.  These treats are served as cones or cups, dipped–ice cream dipped in a hard candy shell–as a float, mixed with your topping of choice into a mixer, stacked like a sundae but with all of the ingredients stacked or layered, milk shakes and double shake flavors and the ever popular and unique rolled ice cream–a thin layer of ice cream spread into a thin layer and rolled up.

Flavors, toppings, dips and floats are combined into yummy treats just for you and as you like them!  Choose from 30 “everyday toppers.”  Or, be a bit more adventurous and choose from an additional 9 “special toppers.”  Stackers come in cheesecake, brownie, bacon-bacon or lickety split, too name a few.  The shakes are sold in small, medium or large.  Flavors include: the all-time favorites of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  But, why not try a caramel, mint, peach, cherry or cookies and cream.  Looking for more flavor?  Choose a double shake flavor such as chocolate banana, Oreo hot fudge or mint Oreo.

MayLynn’s Creamery has added an Event Trailer that visits festivals, Food Truck Thursday in Miller Park, various events in the Lynchburg area or private parties.  All of the same delicious ice cream brought to you.

The food truck is located at 4925 Boonsboro Road.  It is open Monday through Saturday 12 until 10 and Sunday 3 until 10.  The new downtown location is found at 1016 Jefferson Street.  The brick and mortar store is open Monday through Thursday between 12 until 9, Friday and Saturday 12 until 10 and Sunday 2 until 9.  Visit for more information.

The downtown location is within walking distance to The Carriage House Inn Bed and Breakfast.  We are happy to assist you with walking directions, just ask.