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Christmas in Lynchburg

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Christmas time is a special time every where but in Lynchburg it is even more special.  First, there is the small town atmosphere where even strangers on the street greet you as if they were your best friend.  Add to that the downtown area closes off Main Street for their annual parade.   The parade was this past Saturday and this is the second time in the past three years we had a light dusting of snow for the parade. 

Point of Honor, the home of Dr. George Cabell (Patrick Henry’s personal physician) is decorated as homes in the 1700’s would have been using cuttings from around the area.  The Old City Cemetery holds classes on how to make wreaths using greens taken from around the cemetery.  Soon Liberty University/Thomas Road Baptist Church will putting on their annual Christmas program that draws people from around the country.  

Yes, this is a special time of year.  We close out the old year and bring in the new.  Some of us make resolutions (eat less, lose weight, exercise more, etc.) that are quickly broken.  The seasons change from warm to cold and some of us find ourselves stalking people leaving the mall so that you can snag a close parking spot. 

Let’s not forget Santa Clause.  He is everywhere.  He is at the mall, the Community Market, at stores, on the parade and that’s just in Lynchburg.  He makes these same types of appearances around the country.  No wonder he only shows up after Thanksgiving.  He needs to spend 10+ months resting up for all his apprearances during next year’s holiday season. 

Kathy and Mike plus "The Grinch"

Yes, Lynchburg is a magical place to live, especially this time of year.  But the one thing we  have that makes us truly unique is we also have a Grinch.  Last weekend kids and adults alike gathered downtown to spend a few moments with the Grinch and to have their photo taken.  Don’t worry, if you didn’t make it last weekend, he will be at the Galleria (900 block of Main Street in downtown Lynchburg).  Don’t bring the Grinch your list, Santa will take your list (he is up the street four blocks in the Community Market).   And while you are spending time downtown, you need to stop by and dine at one of our world class restaurants.  We can give you suggestions.

If your travels bring you to Lynchburg during the holidays and you need a place to stay, consider the Carriage House Inn Bed and Breakfast, just four blocks from downtown.