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Freedom Tower

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Exterior view of Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower on the campus of Liberty University.

In 2 days we will celebrate the 4th of July, the day the people of the United States of America celebrate our freedom.  I am writing today about the Freedom Tower, which can be found on the campus of Liberty University.

evening exterior view of the Freedom Towner

The Freedom Tower is Lynchburg’s tallest building.

The Freedom Tower broke ground in the early spring of 2016.  Intended to be the architectural centerpiece of the campus I think it has served this purpose well.  Home to the School of Divinity, the world’s largest school for religious studies and ministerial training the Freedom Tower is committed to preparing students both academically and spiritually.

The Freedom Tower is 275-feet tall, 17 stories.  A large three-story building encircles the base.  Just inside the main entrance stands a large globe.  Classrooms and offices for the various departments within the School of Divinity are located throughout the building.  The ground level includes a 150-seat interactive classroom as well as an immersion classroom with projectors that surround the room, visually transporting students to remote locations.  The first floor also contains the Rawlings Scriptorium which displays a collection of scared texts valued at over 1 million dollars and a life-sized replica of the Gutenberg press.

A grand staircase, or elevators, take you to the second and third floors.  Once on the third floor you can take an elevator higher up the tower or if you are adventurous you can walk up the 409 steps to the top.  Levels 2 and 3 feature rooftop terraces.  The 4th floor invites you onto a large, wrap-around plaza and garden pergola.

Visitors enjoy expansive views of the campus and beyond from the indoor observation deck on the 15th floor.  Accessible through a special elevator on the 15th floor is the 17th floor.  Once there you will have 360-degree views of the surrounding countryside plus access to view the 25-bell carillon.  In addition to the carillon is Liberty’s own Liberty Bell, which was cast in 1976 to celebrate the bicentennial of the United States and the renaming of Lynchburg Baptist College to Liberty University.

The Freedom Tower is a unique place to visit anytime during the year.  We have enjoyed visiting during each of the four seasons to see how the campus and surrounding counties appear differently depending upon the month of the year and time of day.  Happy 4th of July!