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massage_studioChoosing The Right Massage Massage can deliver more than relaxation. Various modalities can address a variety of health issues. Massage involves tactile manipulation of muscles and muscle tissue. The intensity of touch varies from light strokes to deep-tissue work depending on the needs of the client. To help you choose the right massage or body treatment descriptions are listed below. Please schedule your treatment at least 72 hours in advance. To book your treatment call (434) 846-1388.

Massage Services and Descriptions

Swedish Massage $95.00

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

This is the best massage for moderate pain, muscle tension and stress and it is the most popular and well known massage modality in the US and Europe. Developed in the 1800’s, it is known as the classic full body massage for stress and muscle-tension relief and also eases moderate pain. The strokes used are designed to relieve muscle tension by firmly manipulating pressure points as well as by systematically stroking the muscles throughout the body. As your muscles relax, your brain receives signals to trigger the release of chemicals that relieve stress and produce feelings of well being. There are five classic strokes that your massage therapist will perform. These strokes should be in the direction of the flow of blood to the heart. It is the way the strokes are applied and combined that tailors the massage to the client’s needs. The therapist determines the combination, depth and duration of massage movements. Differences in the way the strokes are applied produce different outcomes. Your entire body may be massaged and your limbs may be stretched and gently shaken to loosen tight joints. This is a 50 minute treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage $105.00
Best for headaches, postural problems and repetitive motion injuries. This modality focuses on the relief of pain by combining Swedish massage techniques, acupressure and deep strokes along your muscles. It goes beyond the superficial layers to break up long held tension, alleviate chronic pain or tension, poor range of motion and poor posture. In addition to relieving pain, myofascial imbalances are restored, body awareness increases, movement becomes more relaxed and your physical structure will become more aligned with gravity. DO NOT expect to relax during this massage. The therapist warms up your muscles by rubbing them against one another and separating them to get to the deeper levels. You may feel some discomfort as pressure is applied. Techniques to unblock the restriction include softening, lengthening, lifting, broadening and separating the muscles. As the treatment progresses you are instructed by the therapist to participate as an active member of the partnership through breathing, stretching and range of motion movements. This is a 50 minute treatment.

Therapeutic LaStone® Massage Lastone.1Offers enhanced healing, an elevated level of relaxation and re-energizes the body. LaStone Therapy® is the application of deep penetrating heat and cold through Swedish massage strokes using various sized stones and the balancing of the chakras. LaStone Therapy® involves the use of up to 84 hot smooth basalt river stones and up to 18 chilled marble stones that are used in combination to stimulate and relax the body’s circulatory system. This treatment both relaxes and re-energizes the body by opening energy channels. Initially hot stones are placed on the massage table to line up with the chakra points along the back. While lying on these stones the therapist uses various massage techniques and hand-held stones, thus relaxing the body to a deeper level. Stone Massage is very effective in creating harmony, a positive energy flow, and promoting a sense of balance and peace.   Why get a LaStone® treatment instead of a traditional massage? LaStone® is:

The Carriage House Inn B & B is proud to offer four types of LaStone® Therapy Treatments:

Ultimate LaStone® Massage combines the Basic Treatment plus “balancing” the energy fields that surround the body. Through this energy work the client’s emotional well being is balanced and grounded. Beyond the physical experience of the typical LaStone® Massage the client enters deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well being, creating a positive approach to “Body-Mind-Spirit” philosophy. This is a 60 minute treatment. $150.00 (Add aromatherapy for $15.00)

Dry Brushing Massage $95.00brush
One of the healthiest things we can do for our skin is Dry Brushing followed by a massage with an herbal cream. For centuries, the Japanese, the Greeks and Native American Indians have used various forms of vigorous skin brushing with loofah sponges, specialized, spoon-like skin scrappers and corn cobs to enhance skin beauty and durability. Using a natural-bristle brush skin brushing can sustain or re-establish the skin’s functional integrity and youthful glow. It aids in waste removal, helps slow the skin’s aging process, increases circulation, even improves digestion and alleviates muscular tension. Cellulite, a structural disturbance of fat tissue, can also be impacted by skin brushing. Skin brushing is a particularly powerful therapy, which can positively impact the entire body. Some of the benefits of this treatment:

At The Carriage House Inn Bed and Breakfast we offer a Deluxe Dry Brushing Treatment: The Deluxe Dry Brushing combines a 20-minute Dry Brushing plus body wrap with a 30-minute massage using a light, moisturizing cream. This is a 50-minute treatment. Come experience a feeling of rejuvenation followed by one of relaxation and renewal; book your Dry Brushing Massage today.

Aromatherapy Massage $105.00
The use of scents for therapeutic purposes is called aromatherapy. Massage and aromatherapy are combined to enhance the therapeutic value of each other. Despite its New Age reputation aromatherapy has soothed spirits for centuries. Evidence of incense was found in King Tut’s tomb, the Roman emperor Nero is said to have slept on a bed of rose petals and ancient Greeks and Romans believed scented water could boost health. The term “aromatherapy” was developed in 1920 by a French chemist R. M. Gattefosse who devoted his career to exploring the healing properties of essential oils. Genuine aromatherapy oils are derived from natural botanical sources and are designed to improve health, treat ailments and improve quality of life. Aromatherapy has two primary health benefits. On the psychological side, essential oils have been shown to have tremendous soothing and stress-relieving capabilities. They also enhance physiological health by boosting the immune system. Each essential oil has different uses and guidelines for use. Each oil has its own powerful fragrance and unique language that speaks to our senses. How the oils are administered depends on the nature of the problem. Oils can be used by the massage therapist through inhalation, diffused into the air, spritzed around the room, through hot or cold compresses or applied directly to the skin when mixed with massage cream. Aromatherapy and massage are especially helpful for decreasing stress, improving mood, soothing anxiety, decreasing sleeping problems, alleviating cold and flu symptoms, increasing alertness and productivity, enhancing relaxation and to promote a general sense of well being. Hundreds of plant essential oils are available. The most popular include:

Essential oils used in aromatherapy are highly concentrated and their use is sometimes contraindicated. Please be sure and alert your massage therapist to any allergies, skin conditions or health problems you may be experiencing. Essential oils when used safely can enhance your health and well being. Used with massage, aromatherapy goes beyond that first sweet smell. It’s a healing art in which science and scent partner to promote health, beauty and well being. This is a 50 minute treatment.

Reflexology $65.00
200337379-001A form of body work that focuses primarily on the feet. The theory behind it is that there are “reflex” areas on the feet and hands that correspond to specific organs, glands and other parts of the body. For example, the tips of the toes reflect the head while the area towards the heel of the foot reflects the low back and intestines. Believed to have originated in China nearly 5000 years ago, reflexology fell out of practice until the early 1900’s when Dr. William Fitzgerald brought it back to the forefront of modern society. Dr. William H. Fitzgerald, an ear, nose, and throat doctor, introduced this concept of “zone therapy” in 1915. American physiotherapist Eunice Ingram further developed this zone theory in the 1930’s into what is now knows as reflexology. It is believed that applying pressure to these reflex areas can promote health in the corresponding organs through energetic pathways that run through the body or the scientific explanation is that pressure may send signals that balance the nervous system or release chemicals such as endorphins that reduce pain and stress. Reflexology is a popular alternative therapy that promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, soothes tired feet, and encourages overall healing. It is recommended as a complementary therapy and should not replace medical treatment. There are a number of reasons to consider reflexology:


Recommendations: It is generally recommended that a series of treatments, at least 4, are booked in a relatively short time-span, generally 5-7 days apart over a 3 week time frame, to derive the optimum benefit. Each treatment lasts 45 minutes and costs $65.00.

Hot Rockn’ Reflexology $75.00
See above description of Reflexology. Begin with a relaxing foot scrub and soak in purified water, sea salt and your choice of aromatherapy oil. Then lay back and enjoy this unique reflexology treatment that is similar to reflexology. A Hot Rockn’ Reflexology treatment uses a special foot cream, organic essential oils and warm basalt stones to massage and stimulate points on the feet. The added heat and pressure promotes a deeper level of relaxation and overall healing. The therapeutic benefits of deep relaxation create a session that is pure reflexology bliss. This is a 45-minute treatment.

Treating Plantar Fasciitis $55.00
Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition of the foot that occurs when the fascia of the plantar (bottom) surface of the foot becomes inflamed. Symptoms usually include soreness or tightness of the heel of the foot and some soreness to the lower leg. Stretching of the fascia of the foot and calf muscles and active stretching of the foot help to alleviate the pain. Recommendations: It is generally recommended a series of 4-6 sessions; approximately 5 days apart are scheduled, to derive the optimum benefit. Each treatment lasts 30 minutes. Each treatment is $50.00 or a series of 4 (pre-paid) treatments is $200.00. Or a series of 6 (prepaid) treatments is $300.00.


Body Exfoliants, Body Treatments and Body Wraps are listed below:

  Body Treatments:

  • A Rose By Any Other Name $150.00
  • Chocolate Delight $150.00
  • Lovely Lavender $125.00
  • Island Getaway $125.00
  • Peppermint Perfection $125.00
  • Pumpkin Spice Special $125.00
  • Geranium-Sage Body Mist $120.00
  • Green Tea Body Mist $120.00
  • Lavender Body Mist $120.00

Body Exfoliant Treatments:

  • Coconut Lime Scrub $115.00
  • Exfoli-Sea Salt Glow $115.00
  • Mango & Mandarin Salt Glow $115.00
  • Micro-Buff Body Polish $115.00
  • Milk & Honey Salt Glow $115.00
  • Pomegranate & Cranberry Salt Glow $115.00
  • Sugar Body Polish $115.00

Body Wraps:

  • Acti-Sea Body Mud $125.00
  • Black Baltic Body Mud $125.00
  • European Rose Body Mud $125.00

Body Exfoliant, Wraps and Care Packages: Body Exfoliation treatments are used to jump start the visual improvement of your skin. Using a variety of natural products, such as pomegranates, roses, kelp or sea salt, a scrub followed by a body wrap will leave your skin renewed, glowing and soft. After a consultation, with Kathy, the appropriate products for skin will be selected. You will be scrubbed, the product removed, you will be slathered with an appropriate cream and then wrapped inside a cocoon allowing the cream to be absorbed into the upper layers of your skin. After resting inside your cocoon you will be gently wakened and leave the treatment with skin that is dramatically soft and hydrated. Each Body Exfoliation treatment is a 50-minute treatment. Descriptions (exfoliating material) and prices can be found on page at the top of the page under pricing or ask Kathy for help in choosing the right treatment for your skin.

Body Wraps Are used to hydrate, detox the skin by absorbing impurities and improve the tone and texture of the skin. You will be covered in the appropriate mud. Next, wrapped inside a cocoon which allows the mud to refine and soften the skin, attract and absorb impurities or tone and re-mineralize the skin. All of these steps improve the look and feel of the skin. Each Body Wrap is a 50-minute treatment. Descriptions and prices can be found at the top of this page under pricing or ask Kathy for assistance in choosing your treatment. Body Care Packages combine a massage with a scrub, wrap or mist to further enhance each individual segment of a treatment. A total mind, body and sensory experience! Each package is a 75-minute treatment. Descriptions and prices are listed below:

A Rose by Any Other Name $150.00
Enjoy a European Rose Body Wrap-to aid in detoxification, demineralization and rejuvenation of the skin, followed by a Swedish massage using an aromatic rose and champagne cream to complement the wraps beneficial moisturizing of the skin.

Chocolate Delight $150.00
A body treatment with a hot chocolate sugar polish, used to exfoliate and leave the skin looking and feeling fresh, smooth, clean and polished. After the body polish a delicious Chocolate Body Butter Cream is used in conjunction with a Swedish massage to enhance and extend this delightful (and seemingly delicious) chocolate experience.

Lovely Lavender $125.00
You will be transported to the lavender fields in Provence with this delightfully relaxing scrub and Swedish massage treatment which uses a natural lavender scrub and massage cream. Leave the treatment room with a sachet of lavender buds, grown at the Carriage House Inn, to remind you of this lovely treatment.

Island Getaway $125.00
Imagine you’re miles away, on a white sandy beach while enjoying a Coconut-Lime Body Scrub, to stimulate your senses and smooth your skin. Follow this with a Swedish massage using a Coconut-Lime Butter Cream which will extend your feeling of island bliss.

Peppermint Perfection $125.00
Refreshing, stimulating, reminiscent of our childhood. When you select a Peppermint Scrub followed by a Swedish massage using a Peppermint Cream you will leave the treatment room thinking of candy canes.

Pumpkin Spice Special $125.00
Warm, cozy and familiar, who doesn’t like pumpkin pie? This yummy scrub and Swedish massage will envelope you in scents reminiscent of fall and will leave you feeling relaxed, hydrated and spicy!

Body Mists $120.00
Choose from Geranium-Sage, Green Tea or Lavender Mists. In each treatment you will experience a Swedish massage using a scented cream followed by a light body misting with the same scent. A relaxing and effective sensory body treatment. Recommendations:

To book your massage or body treatment call Kathy at 434.846.1388 or if you will be staying with us you can book your room on line and leave a note that you would like to be called to schedule a massage or body treatment.